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Have you ever found yourself…

  • Procrastinating because you honestly don’t know what your website needs or how to create it?
  • Wanting something online NOW so that you can test the market and make sure your business works?
  • Bored and confused about choices for hosting, SSL certificates and legal pages?

"Website design ping pong is normally a mess of miscommunication. 1hourWebsite solves a big problem."

Robin Waite
Author of Online Business Startup


Website-building shouldn’t suck the life out of you.

We’ve seen website builds drag on for months. You can get lost and cranky with all the choices there are to make.

Besides which, you’re just starting out. Why would you be 100% sure exactly how your business is going to be in another year? Of course your mind will change! You need a website platform that is easy to modify—but also something that real businesses are built on.

Naturally, money is tight. But if you go too cheap, we’ll be the first to bet that you get a “website developer” or “designer” (note the quotes!) who never had a business and knows nothing about what your clients care about, or what you need to be successful.

We don’t want you to become another person who gets paralyzed and abandons their website before it ever sees the light of day. That’s why we came together and we’re introducing 1hourWebsite.


What You Get with Your 1hourWebsite

(Don’t worry! During your Build Appointment, we’ll help you understand everything you need.)


Get Started

A website is like a giant jigsaw puzzle, only every piece is invisible. When we started years ago, we were as clueless as you feel now. In our obsessive search for perfection, we spent over £10,000 and 5 years. After testing countless companies and services and building hundreds of websites, we have mastered the process of building a strong, flexible foundation.

With the 1hourWebsite, we give you systems that we have the highest respect for, and what we trust to power our own businesses.

By the time that you arrive at your Build Appointment, all of this has already been taken care of:

Because of the competitive nature of domain registration, we ask that you purchase your .com or .co.uk domain name today. Click here to watch a video that shows you how. We create a temp domain name when we set up your website and would be more than happy to link this to your main domain name at the start of our 1 hour appointment.

Your hosting is what brings your website to life so people can visit it on the internet. Between us, we’ve used well over 30 hosting companies. We’ve been hacked, watched whole websites go blank because of technical malfunctions, and wasted precious hours sitting on hold for technical support. We know from experience that what looks like a great deal when you’re trying to save money becomes a headache later when you find out WHY it’s so cheap. And because websites can break when you migrate them to a new hosting company, you should just start with high-quality hosting. At this point, there is only one hosting company that we trust. We start you on exactly the same platform we use today, and what we wish we had known about years ago. You will have direct access to a team of experts who provide you with 24/7 global support.

We create your G-Suite account. Then, you can respond to clients from an email address that matches your new domain name. That way, your business email is powered by Gmail, which has some of the highest deliverability ratings in the industry. There are so many reasons that you don’t want to use a personal account when potential clients send and receive your emails. One reason is that if you try to send mass emails from your personal email account, the Internet Police (known as DMARC) get suspicious. If you’re lucky, your emails go straight to spam. Alternatively, your messages get blocked before they are even flagged as spam. We keep your communication lines open by making sure all the technical stuff is configured properly.

We install WordPress for you, which is a website-building platform that you can easily control and update (or later outsource to an assistant). Your website will be populated with the pages in the demo version for your industry. You will also have a few simple, introductory videos which will help you navigate your new website on your own.

Sometimes, the content or code on your website becomes corrupt or lost… Or you accidentally delete, misplace or otherwise… shall we say, alter something. Don’t worry! We protect you with one of the easiest and most reliable back up systems in the world. This way, even if you have a heart stopping moment, you will still be able to quickly and easily revert to an uncorrupted version with the help of an expert team.

Themes are what give your website style and personality. Plug ins are the little pieces of software that make it useful— like allowing clients to schedule appointments and pay for things. But because plug ins and themes can be created and distributed by anyone, the marketplaces are cluttered. We ourselves have wasted a lot of time, energy and money sifting through the thousands of options. We learned to judge what makes a high-quality theme and plug in through trial and error… and cursing… lots of cursing. Our goal is to save you from that. We configure your 1hourWebsite with a suite of plug ins that we hand-picked for their ability to integrate seamlessly, and the world’s most flexible theme. So even though we give you style and functionality out of the box, it will be simple to change it later if you want.


Get Clients

It’s crazy how many businesses create websites that are nothing more than digital brochures. No wonder they don’t command attention or respect! No wonder they struggle for clients or chase money!

Your 1hourWebsite is built to become a hard-working member of your team. With the right architecture, your website will give your visitors the kind of experience that begins their transformation into clients.

You get one chance to make a first impression, and for most people, that impression is going to come via your website. It’s online 24/7/365, ready to meet people at all hours. It needs to create a smooth journey to knowing, liking and trusting you enough to have the confidence to call you or book an appointment.

That is why every 1hourWebsite has business strategy baked in. The longer you use the website we create during your build appointment, the more effectively you will attract, nurture and convert visitors into clients.

Without a database of your own potential clients to follow up with, your schedule will be patchy and you may struggle, long-term. You take a huge risk if you can only communicate with your followers through social media. Why? Because social media is noisy.

To give you a more focused communication channel, we’ll make it easy for interested visitors to give you their email addresses.

For this, we set you up with an “opt in gift.” We give an opt in gift to get started with, which will inspire you to pay attention to what your potential clients want. Of course, you can update and customise that later. But we know how valuable this is (and we’ve seen loads of businesses fail to make this a reality). With our help, you won’t miss any opportunities.

There are so many reasons you should email people on your list — to announce openings in your schedule, or celebrate success stories and client breakthroughs, and even just to get the word out about new developments or changes.

We’ve seen entrepreneurs and business owners drag their feet on this because they just feel overwhelmed. Again, we hand you a newsletter system we know works.

Also, when you’re ready, you may choose to upgrade your newsletter system and turn on “automation” (which sends pre-written emails). So for example, when someone schedules an appointment with you or downloads your “opt in gift”, they would get a welcome email. Or when someone schedules an appointment, they might get information about your cancellation policy. Like we said, your website should be a hard-working team member!

Never underestimate the power of giving your potential clients the ability to schedule. Don’t believe us? Scroll down and look at the calendar for 1hourWebsite Build Appointments.

Just notice how your level of seriousness changes when you browse our actual availability on the calendar below. It’s natural that clients need to envision a service fitting into their life, this week, next week and in the months to come.

Using exactly the same approach, you can start filling your own calendar with consultations and sessions (free or paid). We only recommend what syncs with your Google Calendar– because the best booking system is one that you control.

You are blessed if your friends and family support your business, but it does not take long to max out everyone close to you and stop getting new clients. The only solution is to expand beyond your immediate circle.

New qualified potential clients need to find you. This is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. We want your website pops up in search results. The closer to page 1 you are, the better.

The best way to do this is to show up in the places that clients are looking for you. When you use the right approach (and again, we’re going to give you the best foundation for that), it is remarkably easy to get on Google.

We see people agonize over what their homepage is going to look like. Obviously, it is important. But the fact is that each and every blog post you write has the chance to become a gateway to your website by turning up on page one in Google search results. In order for that to happen, your blog has to be optimized to bring new visitors in through that window of opportunity and turn them into subscribers.

This is why every 1hourWebsite has a blog with a specially-designed sidebar (the strip down the side that has other things to click on). We make it easy for readers to learn more about your core programs and services.


Get Paid

The less you like talking or thinking about money, the more important it is for your e-commerce system be robust. Delegating the payment process to your website is a huge time saver.

But… The world of e-commerce is another black hole that you can disappear into. Besides, it’s not just having a PayPal button. Especially when clients don’t know you very well, there are lots of factors that can stop them from completing a sale with you.

We poured our experience into 1hourWebsite and we make it exude trustworthiness.

It’s 2016. No matter what industry you are in, you need to be accepting payment online. Clients feel weird about emailing you their credit card number or saying it over the phone. Also, don’t forget the extra cost of manually processing sales: you or someone on your team has to spend the time on the phone taking down their details.

We’ll set up your shopping cart and pre-configure a few products to get you started. Later, you can go in and customise all these things.

The SSL certificate is represented by the little lock symbol at the top of the screen, to the left of the website address. Website browsers are designed to protect and warn visitors of weak security.

You can see that having it (or not having it) affects customers’ trust in you.

We’ll make sure your data, and that of your clients, is protected against hackers, spammers and other digital foes.

The devil is in the details. The legal pages (your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions) may not be particularly sparkling documents, but they make a huge difference in potential customers’ perception of you.

Besides, clients rarely feel comfortable enough to email you or call you up to ask, “Hey, so um… What’s your refund policy? Or if I decide I don’t like this, can I cancel?” It’s delicate territory and they don’t want to damage their relationship with you. That said, we have seen all kinds of drama happen when service providers are vague.

We know it needs to be easy for you to take responsibility and stay in control here. That is why 1hourWebsite comes with a customisable set of legal pages for your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Later, you can go in and personalise it with your business name, contact info and preferred refund and cancellation policy. Easy peasy.

If you give us your details, we’ll integrate your PayPal and/or Stripe account.

We understand if you prefer keeping these account details secret. In that case, during your Build Appointment, we will walk you through it and help make sure you’re setting it up properly.

Either way, you can take online payments for your products and services.

With your 1hourWebsite, you get the foundation for a membership area.

This will make it possible to sell digital content that you want to protect from random website visitors. Even if you don’t have the content, training or programs for your membership area yet, the day will come when you are thrilled to have this functionality baked in.


All our websites are fully mobile responsive and setup with tracking software so you can monitor the analytical data.

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If it’s not already blazingly obvious, let’s review the benefits…

Fully Set Up.

During your Build Appointment, we link everything up. You just sit there and give the information we need.

Ready in 1 Hour.

You get the combination of 19 high-quality systems, platforms, and human brains. Bye-bye website paralysis!

Future Proof.

You must be able to change your website—without starting over from square one. With our platform, the problem is solved.

Which industry would you like us to consider?

We can build websites in 1 hour for


Book Author

Public Speaker

Click the images above to see a demo of the website you will be purchasing.


Own a website you can grow into.

Your 1hourWebsite has been purposefully designed by 3 digital entrepreneurs with decades of experience. We wouldn’t sleep at night if we weren’t sure you have the solid combination of functionality that lets you blog, grow a database of people who love what you do and want to stay in touch, and collect money online for your products, programs or services.

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Your complete website costs just £697


About the Creators

We know you need to get online quickly without going broke or flat lining during a Website-Building Coma. (Yeah, it’s real.) That is why our goal is to make sure you get the systems, content and design that will jump start your online business.

Together, the team at 1hourWebsite has nearly 40 years of experience. From this very page to your 1hourWebsite, we are behind the scenes.


Steve Woody

Strategy & Systems

Author of Plan Your Website and the founder of Online Mastery Limited, I am responsible for hundreds of business owners’ websites. I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and my focus is on creating the strategy, systems and customer journey to ensure you are successful online.

Mark Hare

Branding & Design

After directing design and marketing for brands in the entertainment industry, environmental sector and corporate world for over fifteen years, I turned to entrepreneurship. I blend the principles of smart online design with internet marketing to create memorable digital branding.


Steve has empowered me by giving me the tools and skills I needed to develop the next stage of my business.

Molly Bedingfield
Founder of Global Angels


Frequently Asked Questions

Once we integrate all the functionality and give you your administrator account to log in, you can customise absolutely every aspect of your 1hourWebsite. This includes, but is not limited to…

  • the design (colors, fonts, images, layout, number of columns, any banner and logo images)
  • content (text, headlines, blog posts, page names)
  • functionality (things on the menu, the organization of items in the menu, payment processor)

We’ll sleep like babies knowing that you have an amazingly flexible system that will grow with you for years.

We cannot add extra pages for you during the Build Appointment. There is so much to do already, that we cannot add extra pages for you during the Build Appointment.

However, you will absolutely be able to add extra pages and customise the website however you want after the Build Appointment is finished. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can also hire us in another project to do it for you.

At the time that you schedule above, you will get into a video conferencing platform with Steve. You promise to be ready and available with all of your login credentials and basic content. Steve will put your content together and get the basics hammered out for you.

  • Email account set up
  • Website live on the internet and populated with the templates and pages in the demo. 
  • You will have an administrator user account so you can log into your website’s dashboard to make changes.
There is prep work to do, so you need to book at least two days in advance. One of the reasons that websites take so long to be built is that clients don’t have the components they need. Or they get lost and confused, thinking about all the components they need.

We suggest you give yourself at least 2 days to get ready. During the 1hourWebsite Build Appointment, we work fast, but you can also take your time and customise any element afterwards.

You’ll need to continue customizing certain things — like making sure your legal terms and conditions have your name on them, and personalizing all of the pre-loaded content. You’ll also be able to start publishing your first blog post.

You will also want to personalise the emails that get sent out automatically by your autoresponder (like when people sign up for your email list, or pay for something).

We register a domain name for you as part of this service. If, you already have a domain name, then you have two options.

You can either 1) log into your registrar and point it to our server on your own — or 2) we can do it for you. In you want us to do it for you, you will have to share your login information with us. So, we recommend that you change your password before and after to ensure you have no security vulnerabilities.

1hourWebsite is a service that puts a set of pages on your URL domain name—the same set of pages that you see in your industry’s demo.

If you want to merge an existing website with 1hourWebsite, then you should download and save any text or images that you want to your computer. After your Build Appointment, you can log in and add your content back in.

There are some regular fees you will pay to various companies:

  • Hosting – £15 per month
  • Email from Google Suite – £3.88 per month
  • Renewing your URL domain name – £7-10 per year
  • Upgrading to automated email service – £7 per month and completely optional
  • Renewing plug ins – £50-100 per year

Whether you pay a company like EventBrite or Etsy or “Websites for Accountants” or Wix, you are paying them to take care of your website.

Crunch the numbers, if you haven’t yet! You’ll be surprised just how much you pay them in the form of commissions, monthly fees, or simply by giving them ownership of your content. It adds up to more than you might realize—and if you are on a platform that takes ownership of your content, how do you actually have a business?

By booking your spot, we are guaranteeing to be available for you.

It is possible to reschedule your Build Appointment, but we cannot make any promises about what future availability will be like if you miss your originally-scheduled date. To reschedule, you must contact Online Mastery at least 18 hours before your appointment time. Late cancellations (made fewer than 18 hours before your Build Appointment) will be charged in full. If you don’t show up for your Build Appointment, you will be charged. To reschedule after a no-show, you will need to pay an additional £120.

We’ve pre-populated every page of your 1hourWebsite to have text and images ready to go.

Search engines like Google recognized cloned content so you should expect to have quite low rankings in search engines until you personalise your website.

Limited Availablity

We open this offer once a month for a week.

(except our launch in November where we will allow bookings for the whole month)

The reason we do this is because of the need to schedule your Build Appointment.



Disclaimer: Scheduling a Build Appointment for your 1hourWebsite does not guarantee results. Online Mastery and the team are not responsible for what you do with your website. To see our Privacy Policy, click here. For Terms & Conditions, click here.