The “Done For You” Build

I used to just build websites for people. I would do whatever they asked and just get the job done. After a long time of that, I got really tired of creating websites that never had purpose, got exposure or made money for their owners. There was only so long I could watch clients make mistakes about overall strategy, design, site navigation or content, that — to me — had increasingly clear fixes.

There are plenty of people out there who will build you a website. There is an endless supply of WordPress “technicians” who will agree to deliver exactly what you ask for (without knowing or caring what your project or your ultimate goals are).

The reason that you are in business is because you know something that your clients don’t, and you see your clients’ problems in a way that they can’t see them. So when your client thinks that a certain solution is best, you may not always agree.

Likewise, when I see your online presence, I see things from a different perspective.

If you want a website developer who will do exactly as you say, then I am not the guy for you.

If you want a strategist who is going to dive deep into your business, streamline your online presence, challenge you on assumptions, offer solutions, integrate all the parts so that they function together as seamlessly as possible, identify where prospects are confused by your messaging or site design and tailor digital solutions that advance your personal and business goals, then keep reading.

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