Cheap Hosting is about as good for you as fast food

We have all been there – hungry, on a budget and after a quick fix. The thought of preparing something healthy just does not enter our minds. We have accepted a culture of processed food. Quick, cheap and easy but at what cost? How many people actually consider the long term health benefits of processed food?

After a long and lengthy discussion with Mark Skipper, Founder of the Naked Health Detective, I learnt that our body is the only vehicle that we will ever own and it is our sole responsibility to look after it as best we can. Mark challenged me by saying “Are you driving round in a clapped out banger, or a sports car ?”


Compare the above statement to your business and specifically your website. How many of you are driving your business forward on a clapped out server?

Shared hosting is the junk food of the digital age. We all have guilty pleasures but this should not be one of them.

I understand – I truly do – I’ve been there. When the budget gets tight I am the first to admit that the gym membership would go before anything else. I see so many people doing the same with their business. Trying to increase the bottom-line and reduce cash-flow. They settle for an attractive hosting solution from one of the hyped-up suppliers (Point to note – The more they spend on glossy adverts the worse their product actually is. It’s almost like a coverup). Who wouldn’t? It’s easy to play naive and deal with the consequences later.

Let’s just look these two examples of why you should avoid cheap shared hosting.

– Security

If this is something that only affects you after it happens then you need to seriously look at how important your clients really are. You have a duty to protect them and their information and also to look after your own. We all hear the horror stories about attacks on websites but most business owners fly under the radar because the only people that know they exist online are themselves and a select few customers. When you start to grow you better believe that online attacks are a real threat. A log from one of my servers, blocking IP’s that were trying to gain access, showed over 200,000 requests in just under a week.

Try to think of your server like a house. The websites are like windows and the more that are left open … Well you know how annoying a mosquito can be.

– Performance

One reason that shared hosting is so cheap is because multiple users share resources. Regardless of how much you try, hardware is constrained by physical parameters and a way to increase profits for these hosting providers is to stack up users like cattle, putting undue pressure on the resources that supply them.

If one website is taking up too many resources these servers have a failsafe and the website gets shut down to prevent others from being affected.  Now imagine you just had your website retweated by a celebrity and hundreds of thousands of potential customers flock to your website only to find out that your host had shut it down to prevent others from being affected … Your one shot for massive sales – lost 🙁

If you want to know more about what hosting providers to use then I highly recommend checking out this article by review signal