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Imagine having the clarity to create a strategy
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Start with the Strategy

Poor planning is the main reason most websites fail. It also frustrates developers, designers and business owners like yourself. At Online Mastery we offer three choices to Plan Your Website

Depending on your time and budget you can…

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Read the book.

You can read Steve Woody’s international bestselling book as an ebook, paperback or as an audio book which is the most cost effective way to Plan Your Website.
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Attend a live workshop.

These small group experiences immerse you in the same content as the book. It’s ideal if you need to block out distractions and focus in a supportive environment.
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Book a consultation.

Spend a day 1-on-1 where we deep dive into you and your business. We then spend time researching everything which allows you to focus on your business. After 48 hours we deliver your professionally completed plan back to you.
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The Second Edition Workbook

No matter how you plan, your strategy is clarified in the Workbook. It ensures that building your website is a surprise-free, on-budget experience. You can choose from PDF, paperback, or the interactive online version.

"I paid an expert $14,000 for a year of mentoring without getting the strategy that led to real breakthroughs. I was amazed that Steve gave me clarity in just a few hours."

Allison Rapp
Founder of Get the Practice You Want


Not sure where to start? – Take this Gift.

I’m giving you the first chapter of my book which is the most important as it’s all about you and your target audience.

I don’t even ask for your E-mail address because I’m confident that once you start you will want to know more.


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