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This book will help you…

  • Identify your target audience so that you know who you are marketing to
  • Avoid the beginner’s mistakes that would cost you time, money and missed opportunity
  • Brief and manage developers to ensure your website comes in on time and to budget

Nina-Maria Gorgens, Holistic Health Consultant

This book will teach you about


The Customer Journey






Bug Testing


Split Testing


We take you deep into the strategy to give you absolute clarity about your website.

The Customer Journey

Map the path of engagement towards your products and services.


See the big picture to prevent scope creep and improve your website’s SEO.


Plan the layout of your pages. Start to think about functionality and design.


Curate the content which will drive traffic to your website and convert your visitors into paying customers.


Identify which colour psychology and typography resonates with your target audience.


Know what you need to make your website work and how the systems will talk to each other.

Bug Testing

Ensure your systems are 100% operational on all devices and platforms.


Track data of your visitors' activities so you can identify what works on your website.

Split Testing

Make small tweaks and adjustments that you can test to notice improvements.

FREE PDF Workbook included

I didn’t just want to present you with a book to read, but also one that you would use to take action. Your strategy is clarified in the Workbook. It ensures that building your website is a surprise-free, on-budget experience. You can choose from the free PDF or paid paperback. I’ve also created an interactive online version with hundreds of videos incase you need additional support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The honest answer here is maybe. The outcome of this book is to educate you on the things required to build a successful website.

It helps to start with an idea of what you want and we cover this in the strategy section of chapter 1. It’s so important to understand this that we give the first chapter away as a gift to help you identify if the book is right for you.

No. This book teaches you the plan and strategy so you are aware of all the elements that are required for a successful website.

You can use this information with our online course Build Your Website to bring your plan to life.

Definitely. Creating the right strategy is the longest part of developing your online presence, but it is also the most important.

Building a website is not hard. There are tools that can have you online in minutes. I can build websites within hours but the trick is not in building the website, it’s in knowing what to build.

This book gives you the confidence that whatever you implement is built on a solid foundation.

How quickly can you read 136 pages? Many readers quickly go through it in a day or two.

After the first quick read, I recommend referencing back through the book as you progress through the Workbook. Depending on how you deal with the questions, how deep you answer them, the workbook can take anything from a couple of days to a couple of months.

I’ve been told the answer is no. In fact, I’ve been commended on the way this book strips out complex and boring technical terminology and replaces it with analogies, real life experiences and some lighthearted fun. This book is designed for someone who has no previous background with websites.
When I created this book, it was not intended for developers or designers but I have forged strong alliances with many who consider this required reading for any client before they start working with them.
I like to think we are always learning and whilst you might already know most if not all of the information in this book, it’s good to be reminded of it sometimes.
The free PDF workbook is included with the purchase of the book Plan Your Website. It was created this way because technology moves so quickly and whilst I wanted to keep the printed book as up-to-date as possible with strategy, I knew that you would need current links and a step by step process. We collect your email address so that we can inform you as and when the PDF workbook is updated with new information.

The Interactive Workbook is a more detailed, paid version of the PDF. For just £9.99 a month or £97 one off, you have access to our learning portal, with videos and extra tips to answer every question. Because we can track what haven’t finished yet, we hold you accountable for every step of the journey, ensuring that you get the motivation and guidance to finish.

About the Author

Steve Woody is privileged to work with clients from solo-preneurs to multi-million pound business owners, charities, record labels and world class athletes. He currently supports hundreds of websites in 7 countries.

Having invested over 10,000 hours mastering his craft, Steve is now proud to share his knowledge and wisdom in this book, so you can get the same results, faster.


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“Steve has a way of translating something that is technical, frustrating or completely overwhelming into something easy and doable. Now I can focus my energy on my passion.”

Christal Fuentes, Founder of The Ladies Coach


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