How would it feel to have a clear vision for your website?

and a strategic document to back it up.

Sometimes you can be too close to your business and it takes an expert to give you the best advice.

What if I offered you not only clarity but also a step by step guide which would become the rock solid foundation for your online business to become a success?

Imagine having a strategic document you can either use with our Build Your Website course or give to your team.

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What you can expect

Discovery Session

During this 20 minute call, I will ask specific questions to gain a better understanding about your business and the potential of how Online Mastery can serve you.

If at any point either of us feel the consultation is not the best option for your business, then a full refund will instantly be given.

During the consultation

After our Discovery Call, you will receive a questionnaire with some of the more time consuming questions that might require research on your behalf, after all no-one knows your business better than you. By completing this in advance it will help to maximise our time together.

When together, we’ll dive deep into a 6-hour consultation. On rare occasions I have been known to let clients enjoy a short break. Throughout the consultation, I will be asking you a series of questions designed so I can better understand your business and create the best plan for your website.

Some of the things we will cover during this phase are:

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  • Connector.

    Your Target Audience

    You can’t know what to say unless you first know who you are saying it to. Worse than having no clients is having the wrong ones.

  • Connector.

    Market Research

    I look into your competition, market trends, keyword research, scalability and find out the viability of the direction of your online business.

  • Connector.


    Your website is an investment, not a cost. We need to look at what you can invest and more specifically, what return you will get on that investment. Once we know these figures I can recommend the best systems to support you.

After the consultation I create …

Your customer journey

When visitors are on your website, they need to know that you have solutions for their problems.

After our consultation, I personally map out your sales funnels and establish how your business will generate money over the next 3, 6 and 12 months.


I’ll create your sitemap so there is clarity about all the pages your website will require, and what the purpose of each one is.

Whether you build your own website, or hand off the plan to a developer, everyone benefits by seeing the scale of the project.


One of the most common mistakes I see are webpages that have no purpose. I will give you wireframes that you can build yourself, or give to a developer. Either way, you will have the confidence that every page on your website has been arranged to engage your audience and ensure they take action.

We look at tested conversion methods to ensure your visitors don’t leave your website just after they arrive or get frustrated because they can’t get what they want.

System Recommendations

I will document exactly what you need to purchase. More importantly, you’ll have a full list of systems which integrate with each other (so you don’t have to worry about fixing problems later).

Once finished, you receive

Your final plan

The entire process takes about 18 hours.

  • 6 hours with you live
  • 2 hours compiling notes
  • 6 hours researching
  • 4 hours preparing your final plan

When your plan is done, you will receive it via email. This will be the foundation for you to move forward with clarity and certainty.


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Common Questions

By selecting a time from the calendar on this page, you can reserve the time for our 6-hour call.

Keep in mind that before that, we will have the Discovery Call. Then, between that and the 6-hour consultation, you need to spend some time thinking about the questionnaire.

I recommend you reserve a consultation that is at least 3 business days from today.

After you book the 6-hour consultation, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a link to schedule your 20-minute Discovery Call.
To make sure that the consultation is the right investment for you, please consider the statements below.

This consultation should NOT be booked if you…

  • operate from scarcity
  • need something created yesterday
  • are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme

Book this consultation if you…

  • are ready to take action
  • value yourself and the people you work with
  • have a product or service that you are ready to sell
I will deliver your plan no later than two business days after our consultation.