Team Meeting – March 2019

We live in the most amazing time. There is no reason why we cannot make one, two even 300k a month, because there are limited people in the world who what we do. We are just so used to it, because we are around it all the time that we take it for granted. We spend our time around the same group of people and forget that when we look at the general population, Not many really have a clue what Elementor is?

It’s so disruptive. That’s why so many people don’t like it, because they are scared of the change, but it’s inevitable, it’s gonna happen whether we want it to or not and we can either moan about it or adapt and the reality is that we need to evolve. If WordPress doesn’t keep up it will die. ClickFunnels, and Squarespace are just a couple of examples of how SAAS options can beat WordPress hands down for the average business owner, because no one is gonna want to use WordPress whilst it’s so damn clunky and unfriendly to onboard not matter how you sell it. It HAS to evolve.

Not many people understand that we are in such an amazing time right now from a technological point of view. How much have we seen technology evolve in just the last 20 years? When I was a kid I didn’t even had a mobile phone and when I got my first one it was analog. Could you imagine when you were in school having an iPhone? I can’t even imagine life without it now, but I do remember that at one point we had to WALK around a mates house, we couldn’t just phone or text them. Facebook, social media, none of it existed. That is only in the last 20 years that all of this has become mainstream and that’s a phenomenal thing to witness in a lifetime.

That’s not to mention the smaller leaps within that evolution like what WordPress have done.

WordPress has always, as long as I can remember now, had a structure to it. You have to install a theme, and the theme has always been the look and the feel, and then to boost functionality you add plugins which plug into that theme. That’s just the way it works, right? But something happened a few years ago. Plugins got so clever, that they started doing the job of the theme. The page builder was born, and it started with Visual Composer which changed the landscape at the time, even though they didn’t adapt which is why they were overtaken by better versions like Cornerstone and then we had themes which started doing it in-house, like Divi, Genesis and PRO whcih all had their own page builder built into the theme. For a while the trend was for Multipurpose themes and marketplaces like Themeforest were saturated wtih them.

Visual Composer got left behind, and to be fair it was shit anyway, it was the first iteration and I respect that because it was phenomenal for changing the landscape but it was so badly executed in terms of bloat and bugs in the code. What really blows my mind though is that whilst all these products were doing their own thing out of fucking nowhere comes this new beast. Literally out of nowhere, I mean I know it’s been going for like 3 years, but only in the last 6 to 12 months we’ve seen it explode. 

Elementor just took off and it has started to dominate the marketplace to the point that it’s got over 2 million users 

But here is the thing, this is what’s happening right now that only a few understand. The WordPress Eco System is evolving again.

You see WordPress needs a theme because of the infrastructure requires it to be installed. But you do not actually need to use that theme for anything anymore. Everything could be done within the page builders, meaning the themes are pretty much obsolete, which is why now more than ever the real focus is on how do I get the most light weight theme, that allows the page builder to work to its maximum capacity. Something fast, lightweight and flexible.

This is why I’ve fallen in love with Astra. 

It’s so difficult because I love Pro and I have this massive allegiance and love and loyalty and gratitude to it, I fucking love Themeco, I really do, with all my heart, and they have given me an amazing three years but I cannot ignore the fact that Elementor has just come out of nowhere and just completely taken over. 

I find myself torn between staying with the one I love or trading it in for a sexy new model. I guess this is why I’m not married lol. it’s like I should stay with what I know, is good and trustworthy. Or should I cheat for a bit of fun and start playing around with Elementor.

Not even just on the Themeco, Elementor and Astra level. This is so much bigger than that. WordPress is changing. Themes are no longer relevant, it’s all about the page builder now we know that but it’s already going a step further as Jetpack starting to transition WordPress into an app.

We all know that the trends show us moving towards mobile first, and websites are becoming less and less about websites and more and more about app virtualization, and how can you put an app experience on a website. That’s why the menus are changing, that’s why material design is so good, that’s why all of these things that bring it more in line with an application are being used. You want to look at what you should do from a design perspective on a website right now, you should be looking at Apple and Google and what are they doing, because they are building for apps first. That’s exactly how we should be building websites. So the page builder gives you that flexibility to build that however you want. It’s never been done before. We are in a beautiful time and I’m so excited.