Which eCommerce system should you use?

I spent most of yesterday evening looking at various shopping cart systems. I wanted to ensure that I was upto date with everything out there.

CRM Order forms (Infusionsoft and Hubspot)

There are a few things that I wanted to understand for myself and also for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Is it right to pay a monthly SaaS to look after your ecommerce or should you open source the software and run it in house paying only once for a setup fee?

What is the benefit of having all your systems in one place rather than combining different elements?

Is there a solution that solves everything?

Does it matter if you are selling digital or physical products?

To answer all these questions I needed to invest some quality time and as a result I found that overall I still LOVE knowing that my website and ecommerce are tightly linked. I don’t mind paying the monthly fee as long as I’m making sales so a simple solution that offers what I need in a way that gets the right product to the right customer in a way that allows them to easily purchase was my outcome.

Knowing that myself and most of the people I work with are using WordPress and that I’m currently using WooCommerce it made sense to break down the pro’s and cons.

  • You own the software
  • One time purchase (reoccuring for updates)
  • Better control and customisation
  • Ability to control data in the website better
  • Cheaper than alternatives

Now with some customisation and time I’ve found a solution that works well with WooCommerce and also links into my learning management system, my CRM as well as my bookkeeping software. It was not easy to setup and it’s harder to explain but once it’s there you can forget about it so for me it was worth the pain.

But what about new business owners who want that simplicity and ease of use. Who don’t want the hassle of dealing with all the options that are associated with setting up an online shop.

I also considered how easy it would be to just use a Saas shopping cart and after testing everything I found that Clickfunnels only allows stripe which limits choice for the customer, Magento was far to heavy and overkill, shopify was good but you could still sink more money on additional plugins and it was limited in terms of how you would use the data. So the final choice was between WooCommerce and Samcart.

I loved Samcart, it’s easy to setup, easy to use and has everything you need for a simple checkout. The only downside is that it does not link into WordPress so you can’t run Learndash courses or create membership except for a few limited options.

This caused me to choose WooCommerce and although it’s a nightmare to setup it’s worth the initial investment to know that you won’t have those monthly payments and system limitations.