About Online Mastery

I am Steve Woody. I served for 6 years in the UK Army, specialising in communications. Back as a civilian, I spent years churning out mediocre websites and watching clients go nowhere. In my frustration, I began developing my own process for ensuring results, which led to Online Mastery.

Today, I’m a certified BGI ‘Business Strategy on a Page’ Consultant. I also sit on Global Angel’s advisory board to help them leverage technology to accomplish their goals faster.

If you’re ambitious, take action and want your clients to have a digital experience that matches the quality of the real-world service you give them, then I hope you’ll add Online Mastery to your team.

Whether you’re a big company or a solo business owner, it is normal to feel overwhelmed about at least one aspect of your website — if not many aspects.

I’ve spent years figuring out how to simplify things. No matter where your business is, you’ll find you fit into one of three phases:


The most important aspect of everything we do is the Strategy. Ensuring that you have a solid foundation and that your time, money and energy are not wasted. We won’t do anything without a plan.


Everything Systems, From Websites to Contact Management Systems and everything between. We ensure you have a solid and scaleable platform that allows you to focus ON your business not IN it.


You are not Noah, you do not have an ark and just because you built it, does not mean they will come. Effective Promotion takes hard work, lots or analytics and split testing to ensure your message converts.

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