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Plan Courses

Essential strategic preperation for a successful online business

Business Foundation Course Icon - Online Mastery

Business Foundations

Your website is a window to your business and your business is a reflection of you. Start by planning solid foundations before trying to build anything.
Time required:

1 Week

Knowing Your Numbers Icon - Online Mastery

Knowing your Numbers

A business has ONE objective. To make money. If you don’t have a business then it’s a hobby and there is nothing wrong with either but you need to know before you start which you are working with and if your plan can be profitable.
Products and Services Icon - Online Mastery

Products and Services

Understanding what you are offering is critical to success. You need to be able to articulate the value of your products and services to your audience so they can see the value you offer.
Time required:

2 Hours

Customer Avatar Course Icon - Online Mastery

Customer Avatar

Create a profile of who your business serves, identify where you can excel in helping them and which customer types could drain your skills.
Customer Journey Icon - Online Mastery

Customer Journey

From the first touchpoint right through to successful purchase. You need to understand how to funnel potential leads into paying customers.
Creating Your Brand Course Icon - Online Mastery

Creating your Brand

You get one chance to make a first impression so make it count. Having consistency over your design will allow others to look at you with confidence and trust.
Time required:

1 Week

Creating Sitemaps Course Icon - Online Mastery

Creating Sitemaps

Before you build a website you need to know whats required. This top level view of all the pages and templates will help you avoid any surprises
Time required:

30 Minutes

Creating Wireframes Course Icon - Online Mastery

Creating Wireframes

This quick and simple way to map out your content on a page before you spend time and energy designing the look and feel. This course will save you so much lost time later.
Time required:

1 Hour

Systems Overview Icon - Online Mastery

Systems Overview

The options are almost endless. It’s possible to spend all your time and money in a closed loop just testing everything that is possible. We teach you how to overcome that challenge and focus on the outcome.
Build Icon - Online Mastery

Build Courses

Everything you need to build a successful online business

WordPress Hosting Icon - Online Mastery

WordPress Hosting

Get the best WordPress hosting for security and performance as you grow.
Time required:

2 Hours

Registering Your Domain Name Course Icon - Online Mastery

Registering Your Domain Name

How to choose and setup your domain names, to ensure you own your online brand identity.
Time required:

1 Hour

Email Setup Course Icon - Online Mastery

Email Setup

Setup a professional email address, enabling you to organise your inbox and communicate better.
Time required:

1 Hour

WordPress Setup Course Icon - Online Mastery

WordPress Setup

Get our recommended WordPress content management system (CMS) setup for your custom domain.
Time required:

2 Hours

Optimising Images Course Icon - Online Mastery

Optimising Images

How to select engaging images and optimise them to retain your website speed.
Time required:

2 Hours

Content Delivery Networks Course Icon - Online Mastery

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Learn how to prevent downtime and improve performance by using a content delivery network.
Time required:

2 Hours

SEO Course Icon - Online Mastery



Help more visitors find your website with organic search engine optimisation (SEO).
Elementor Logo - Online Mastery

Learning Elementor

Everything you need to know to get the best out of the Elementor page builder
Creating Your Homepage Course Icon - Online Mastery

Creating your Homepage

How to build a compelling homepage which will convert visitors into customers.
Time required:

2 Days

Creating Landing Pages Course Icon - Online Mastery

Landing Pages

Develop highly engaging pages to attract and convert your ideal audience with a specific call to action.
Creating A Blog Course Icon - Online Mastery

Creating a Blog

Begin sharing helpful content with your customers, learning how relevant news articles will attract leads.
Legal Pages Course Icon - Online Mastery

Legal Pages

How to create the legal pages, privacy policy and information about cookies for your website.
Creating a Members Area Course Icon - Online Mastery

Creating a Members Area

Launch a members-only area on your website, to fulfil services and support your customers.
Avoiding Spam Course Icon - Online Mastery

Avoiding Spam

Get started selling online with eCommerce and payment tools to help you grow sales.
Sell Products Online Course Icon - Online Mastery

Sell Products Online

Get the best WordPress hosting for security and performance as you grow.
Website Encryption Course Icon - Online Mastery

Website Encryption

Set up your SSL certificates to keep your site secure and reassure online browsers.
Build Online Courses Course Icon - Online Mastery

Build Online Courses

Develop interactive course materials, sharing them online for your customers to buy instantly.
Design For Mobile Course Icon - Online Mastery

Design for Mobile

Understand the importance of responsive design for mobile users and how to do this on your site.
Time required:

2 Days

Website Security Course Icon - Online Mastery

Website Security

Security is often overlooked until it’s too late. This course will cover everything you should do to keep your website and data secure.
Website Performance Course Icon - Online Mastery

Website Performance

People expect website to load quickly and so does Google. This course will help you identify problems and ensure your site is fast.
Customer Relationship Management Course Icon - Online Mastery

Customer Relationship Management

This course will teach you how to create and set up the brains of your business and link it to your website.
Time required:

1 Week

Creating Forms Course Icon - Online Mastery

Creating Forms

From Data Capture to List Segmentation. Gather important information automatically.
Time required:

1 Hour

Promote Icon - Online Mastery

Promote Courses

Sales and marketing to promote your online business

Website Analytics Course Icon - Online Mastery


Setup your analytics so you can track and measure your online activity and understand what works
Time required:

2 Hours

Split Testing Course Icon - Online Mastery

Split Testing

Measure variations so you can take action on facts rather than opinions.
Time required:


Autoresponders Course Icon - Online Mastery

Auto responders

Nurture your customer database without wasting your time.
Time required:

1 Week

Facebook Ads For Beginners Course Icon - Online Mastery

Facebook Ads for Beginners

Set up your ad account, create your first ad and learn how to test a budget to ensure results.
Time required:

1 Week

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