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Setup your own domain name to develop and protect your online identity.

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Many businesses don't own their own domain name, exposing them to the risk of developers who register a website and then disappear, leaving a business owner with nothing. Learn how to choose the right domain names for your business, navigate the setup and take direct ownership to protect your online identity.

Your online brand will become one of your biggest assets when you invest the time and retain control of it. This short course will show you step-by-step how to register and create your domain name.

What you will get
from this course.


Knowing you own the foundations gives you confidence to invest time in your website and online identity.

Peace of mind

Ownership of your domain names enables you to protect your online identity; you can still seek suppliers to help.

Cost saving

Losing control of your domain names can be costly; ensuring you’ve set up auto-renewals avoids this risk.

Become an Online Master.

Difficulty level:

Time required:

Additional resources.

You will need an account with Namecheap

Additional costs.

Depending on the Domain that you purchase this can range from £5 - £15 on average.
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What others have to say...

I've just recently completed the 6-week course with Steve and it’s hands-down the best investment I’ve ever made for my business. Within the first day of my new website going live my opt-ins rates doubled. Managing my business is less stressful and everything is streamlined. Steve ensured that I measured every bit of my marketing activity too, so that I can see how my customers engage with my business. The ROI on this is phenomenal. Online Mastery has been an absolute game changer for me.

Roberta Lee
Ethical Brand Directory

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