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Setup a professional email address, enabling you to organise your inbox and communicate better.

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Every business needs a professional email address which reflects their online identity. When you set up email hosting, you can link it to your website domain name. A domain email address makes your emails instantly recognisable, helping you communicate more effectively with clients and prospects.

This course will:

  • Help you select an email system to use
  • Show you how email hosting works
  • Teach you how to create your custom email address using your domain name
  • Help you connect the mail host in your advanced domain name settings
  • Enable you to organise your inbox, defining any filters and autoresponders needed

The outcome of this course is a professional inbox, ready to organise your emails and minimise the time you spend in there.

What you will get
from this course.


A professionally-named hosted email address gives your brand instant credibility when messages are sent out.

Better communication

Maintaining and organising your inbox enables you to communicate better with your contacts and clients.

Time saving

Once your professional inbox is setup, it will be low maintenance to run it - enabling you to focus time on the conversations.

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Difficulty level:

Time required:

Additional resources.

You will need a GSuite account with Google.

Additional costs.

£3.50 per month, per user.
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What others have to say...

I've just recently completed the 6-week course with Steve and it’s hands-down the best investment I’ve ever made for my business. Within the first day of my new website going live my opt-ins rates doubled. Managing my business is less stressful and everything is streamlined. Steve ensured that I measured every bit of my marketing activity too, so that I can see how my customers engage with my business. The ROI on this is phenomenal. Online Mastery has been an absolute game changer for me.

Roberta Lee
Ethical Brand Directory

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