Creating a Sitemap

Learn how to speed up the website development and mockup your web pages before building them.
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Developing a sitemap helps you lay out all the pages you’ll need before starting to build your website. By taking the time to explore what navigation menus customers will expect to see, how they might jump from page to page, and what content you want to share, you’ll save time and re-work on the build stage. This course will:

  • Give a step-by-step guide to work out your list of pages
  • Help you draw a visual hierarchy for your website
  • Plan which pages will contain similar types of content Assess any areas of difficulty which may impact your users’ experience
  • Avoid delays once the website build starts

The outcome of this course is a simple sitemap, identifying your top level pages, your active landing pages and the information hierarchy for your generic homepage.

From this course, you will achieve:

Certainty of scope
An overview of all the pages you need avoids delays and helps you manage the scope of your site and budget for it.
Development timing
Listing out the pages enables your developers to plan the timing and if needed, go live with your minimum viable product first.
Your sitemap shows the complete vision for your website and routes to it, giving you confidence to grow your online business.

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Difficulty Level: Beginner
Time required: 1 Day
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This course can be completed with pen and paper or using the free software
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