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Develop Wireframes

Learn how to speed up the website development and mockup your web pages before building them.
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A wireframe gives you a black and white guide with no design, so you can see what needs to go where on each type of page. Too many people purchase a theme, then try to force their content into the design. You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint and the same goes for a website. Once you’ve learned how to develop your wireframes, you can focus on creating content, functionality and user experience to produce the very best web pages. This course will:

  • Speed up the development and design of your site
  • Show you how to identify the types of wireframe you need
  • Mockup all the web pages
  • Enable you to identify the content you need for each page
  • Identify how the page designs will work for your visitors

The outcome will be a clear set of wireframes to discuss with your developer and help prioritise the content you create.

From this course, you will achieve:

Positive UX
Starting with a wireframe enables you to keep the design simple and clear, making it a positive user experience for your customers.
Your website pages will reflect your brand more consistently when the content and pages are built up from wireframes.
Budget clarity
Your wireframes show exactly what content you need and what is in the scope of the build – allowing you to budget accurately.

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Difficulty Level: Beginner
Time Required: 1 Day
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I recommend using the software which is free and open source.
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