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Create a profile of who your business serves, identify where you can excel in helping them and which customer types could drain your skills.
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One thing matters more than anything when you start a business: customers. Amidst the worry of systems, people and setup, it’s easy to forget who you’re there to help. Yet it’s essential to get to know your customers and prospects. What makes them ideal buyers? Which people do you enjoy working with? Who might experience difficulties with your products? This course will:

  • Explore the characteristics of your ideal customers
  • Enable you to identify any types who could drain your business skills
  • Lead you to develop a customer avatar of who they are, their challenges and needs
  • Identify where they are and how to reach them, building trust with your marketing
  • Save time when it comes to creating content for the website

The outcome of this course is a defined profile of your ideal customers, enabling you to explain this to your suppliers and create content which will resonate well with them.

From this course, you will achieve:

Deeper understanding
Defining who you help and why they’ll benefit from your products brings you a better understanding of what they need.
Your products won’t suit everyone out there. Narrowing it down can save you time and hassle later, by only serving the best fitting customers.
Having clarity about who they are means it’s much easier to know what to say and what content they’ll need on your website.

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Difficulty Level: Beginner
Time Required: 1 Day
Additional Resources
There is a free download in this course which you can refer to, apart from that you only need a pen and paper.
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I’ve just recently completed the 6-week course with Steve and it’s hands-down the best investment I’ve ever made for my business. Within the first day of my new website going live my opt-ins rates doubled. Managing my business is less stressful and everything is streamlined. Steve ensured that I measured every bit of my marketing activity too, so that I can see how my customers engage with my business. The ROI on this is phenomenal. Online Mastery has been an absolute game changer for me.
Roberta Lee
Ethical Brand Directory
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